Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Things To Remember When Applying For A Job

A post and response from Radio Paradise:

I was asked what I do...

JustineFromWyoming wrote:
Change diapers (size 7 and below)
Cook dinners (lunches, too. Breakfasts that involve CAKE!)
Read online editions of Salon, NYTimes, LATimes, HuffPost
Take too many pictures of my kids and cats and food that I cook
Take my blue-lipped daughter to the ER in the middle of a Saturday night.
Balance a chequebook, but only under duress
Blog when I'm especially uninteresting
Verbally abuse the psychopoodle, at least once a day
Swear to avoid punctuation on most days
Fret over an upcoming phone interview

Is there a career test or job posting matching the above abilities? Dang, blew the oath against punctuation!!

And the reply, from Zep:
Change diapers: Clean up messes by subordinates.
Cook dinners: Entertain potential clients.
Read online editions of newspapers: Research competition, keep skills current.
Take too many pictures: Excellent documentation skills.
Take daughter to ER: Responds quickly to urgent crises 24x7.
Balance a checkbook: Accounting and financial skills.
Blog: Documentation, corporate communications.
Verbal abuse: Managerial talent in the making!
Swearing and oaths: Pledges of fealty to company missions.
Fret over interviews: Careful attention to detail, presentation, appearance.

Damn shame companies don't hire more MOMS.