Sunday, March 25, 2007


These sets of eyes seem to be taking it all in and on the verge of voicing their opinions.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Song For Daddy

Talking Heads At The Table

It's hard to stay awake after a long day, a pile of strawberries, noodles and a frankfurter. Chuckles tried his hardest, nonetheless.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Scuffed, Bruised, Chipped But Trying To Smile Through It All

This pictures of Chuckles encompasses about every sensation I'm having right now.

Scuffed. Chipped. Bruised. The waters rising, about to overwhelm. Still trying to smile through it all.

It's been a rough weekend. I've had the plumber here twice this weekend. Scott didn't get the job for which we were sure he was a lock. We spent yesterday completely discouraged. Today was a little more sunny, but then Chuckes took a header off the front step and scuffed his nose with a rock. I couldn't tell you which of the many head bonks resulted in his multi-layered forehead bruise. I locked the "tot lock" to the cupboard under the kitchen sink, which is leaking in three places, in that very damp cupboard. Augusta is recovering from a nasty ear infection, the first in her four-plus years. I was nearly too clueless to even take her to the doctor for her complaint of a "sore ear." And, now I have to call the plumber back because the toilet in the guest room is backed up.

I'm trying to smile. I really am. Through it all, my Chuckles can easily tell me a few things; the bruise will go away, the scuffed nose will heal up, the chipped tooth will eventually fall out and the waters will, someday, recede.

I just have to be bright enough to remember all that.