Thursday, May 31, 2007

Turning Five

This took place while I was still sleeping, so Big Daddy related this story when I woke...

So, this morning about 6, I heard little feet get up, run to the bathroom (light on…1…2…3…light off), then out to the living room.

I dragged myself out of bed to try to head off trouble. I found Augusta curled up in a ball under a blanket, sniffing a little, and when I sat down next to her the sobbing started up for real.

"What is it? Did you have a bad dream?"

*sniff* "I didn't turn five."


*looks cross* "I didn't turn five in the middle of the night."

"Sure you did. Yes, you're my five-year-old girl now."

*more sobs*

Finally, she got up off the couch and backed up to the wall where we tick off how tall she is. I thought, "ah," and got a pencil to make the mark.

"Stand up very straight. Look straight ahead. Heels against the wall."

*Dad makes mark, doesn't cheat*

"See? You're this much taller than you were before."


1/4 inch and all is well.

Happy Birthday, little girl!

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Beanie said...

Ohmigosh! I love that picture so much! That hat is perfect!

Belated Happy Birthday, sweet girl!