Sunday, July 27, 2008

From the Fair

I just picked up all the canned-pickled-jammed-jellied entries I put into competition for the Park County Fair.

Some of the items I entered this year:
pickled asparagus
raspberry jam
pear bourbon jam
plum jelly
ginger peach jam
pickled lemons
brined and pickled California olives
Fuyu persimmon chutney
peach jam
orange chutney
pickled peppers

Overall, I entered too many pickles. I guess this last year was heavier on the pickles than the sweets. I wonder what that says about my attitudes this last year.

I must have been more tart than sweet, overall.

The jar of tomato eggplant pasta sauce won a blue ribbon and a reserve grand champion ribbon. Maybe, I'm just meant to be saucy...


Beanie said...

Your Pear Bourbon Jam may be the most delicious thing in the whole damn universe.

Just sayin.

bhd said...

You are incredible. I have no idea how you do all that you do.

Consider me your biggest fan.

woo hoo!