Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Lovely Day For An Inauguration

I am not there in person, but I'm parked in front the television. Our flag is flying and a beautiful day awaits the beginning of a new era.

We took this photo first thing this morning, after I got back from working early this morning, teaching English in Korea, explaining to my student the process and promise of the Inauguration today. It was probably 16 degrees when I was hanging the flag from the ladder that I later used as a tripod/quadpod. The forecast today is for a clear day with a high of forty-four degrees, obviously to correspond with the Inauguration of the Forty-fourth President.

To all this I say...only and thankfully in America.

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Anonymous said...

I has just saw your blogger and your husband works. Both are great.
I am jealous....
You must be a great mom and wife.

It was nice talking with you.

Be happy everyday.

Young hee (Jenny)