Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Here is what I did today...

Woke up, gasping for a breath after dreaming of walking out of a store with arms full of stolen chocolate bars
Skipped church
Drank coffee
Lamented last month's paycheck
Thought about the job search
Made ham salad
Watched an hour of Remains of the Day on Netflix Instant
Consolidated the recycling to be taken to the center tomorrow
Cleaned out the station wagon
Put outgrow clothes and shoes in the wagon to go to the Thrift Store
Washed out jars for canning
Roasted peppers
Canned salsa
Had three children and their mom drop in for a wild rumpus
Made ice tea
Talked politics and pie making
Chopped apples
Heated supper
Used extra Rooster sauce on my plate of Korean chicken and steamed rice
Canned cooked applesauce, though a little thin it will be fine for cakes and pork chops
Picked raspberries
Had a nice conversation with a pollinating honey bee
Put away clean laundry, washed more dirty laundry
Finished the fourth load of dishes in the washer
Inventoried canned goods
Scrubbed the princess makeup off the little girl's face
Read Robyn Hitchcock's online biography
Ordered two Robyn Hitchcock movies on Netflix
Carried around dust cloths in my pocket all day and never dusted anything
Told the congestion living in my head that it either needs to move out or begin paying rent
Took allergy meds, wrote this list, grabbed the new copy of Vanity Fair, and headed for bed...


Beanie said...

Ya put MY day to shame, for certain!

K8 (short for Kate) said...

So my daughter comes running in the house today after work holding a print out of this blog. She is 20. She says this is "The Perfect Day." She wants to be YOU when she grows up. Lord Help Me!

:) Keep on going, babe!