Monday, September 10, 2007

Autumn Fluctuation

Okay, we have officially entered the time of year in Wyoming where anything might happen weather-wise.

A few days ago it was in the 90s and I was running the air conditioner in the kitchen.

Yesterday, it was drizzly and I put the glass insert into the storm door that has the cat hatch. Too nippy to have the screen-only over night.

As soon as I went to bed last night I had two lard-ass cats sleeping on my legs, snuggling with all their might. The old cat was snuggled in with Chuckes.

This morning I had to run the furnace because it was 36 degrees. The kids were up just after 6 complaining that they were cold. Hot chocolate all around.

The sun is out now, the air is crisp, the sky is periwinkle, there is a nice breeze and I'm going to go pick some apples. We may see a high of 74 by the time school lets out.

Ahhhhh, AUTUMN. Those tomatoes in the back yard better get a move on, as should the pumpkins

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