Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is my daughter...

...that is outside right now, playing "Fighting-Peter-Pan-Hide-and-Go-Seek" with two of the little boys from the neighborhood. I keep looking outside and seeing her standing over the boys, like Boudica in her fury. I can only imagine what the rules, if any, might be.

Earlier, she was sitting on the front step with the older of the boys, playing dolls. It was very sweet and reassuring to me to see that. This little fellow is mildly autistic and my daughter had been unkind to him earlier today as we walked home from school. As she was walking, holding hands with a friend who I was watching this afternoon, she spun around and said to him "Why are you following me?" in an horribly snotty voice.

I spun around and busted her hard. "You apologize to C.C. RIGHT NOW! Tell him you are sorry and thank him for walking home with you!" She did, promptly. All this occurred in front of her friend, who's a much bigger girl than mine, though the same age. I hope, probably a foolish hope, that such behavior isn't the only product of starting school.

But, all must be forgiven and something must have been learned by today's episodes for as the sun is setting, she's out playing Peter or Wendy or Hook (not sure who she is channeling at the moment).

Do you think it's hard to play such a game... in pink metallic high heels?

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Beanie said...

Oh no, sweetie...the pink metallic high heels are an essential part of the total package. ;)

The bossiness is part of the package, too. They learn the pecking order at an early age.

I have found that teaching empathy, in a way that children will really internalize it, is one of the toughest parts of parenthood. We spend a LOT of time role-playing at my place.

Good luck!