Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fairly Good Fair...

The Park County Fair is done for another year. Augusta and I went to fetch our entries this afternoon. Augusta won red ribbons (second premium) for her poppies and a jar of strawberry peach ginger jam she made.

I won a few ribbons this year, with far fewer entries. Both Scott and I were unable to make the deadline to enter photographs this year, with traveling the two weekends to the prior to the drop-off date. As a result, this was the year for food, veg and fruit. Here's the list of ribbon winners:

Grand Champion - cucumber dill pickles with onion and garlic
Reserve Grand Champion - chokecherry jelly

First Premiums
plum jam
pears in light syrup
sweet pepper pasta sauce
peach jam
chokecherry jelly
cucumber dill pickles with onion and garlic
blueberry walnut coffeecake
English toffee

Second Premiums
raspberry jam
fig apple chutney
apple butter
pineapple salsa
pear topping
red raspberries
choke cherries

Third Premiums
cucumber bread and butter pickles
pear cranberry orange sauce
sweet peppers
red currants
coconut pecan fig bars
light wheat bread

I just hope I can come across half as much free and interesting food as I did this past year. Augusta has already asked me what she can make so she can win a blue ribbon. Suggestions?

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bhd said...

Those are the ribbons you won? Hole Lee Cow!